Music in the Garden: The Quiggs

This Danish/Scottish folk duo, married couple Stephen and Pernille Quigg, performed with no little humour, and with great verve to an appreciative crowd in the unseasonably cool Community Garden on Saturday evening. They presented a unique tapestry of songs woven with a Celtic thread. Traditional or contemporary, the Quiggs’ distinctness is the quality of the voices in harmony and the strength of the songs.

Stephen Quigg, part of the legendary folk group The McCalmans for 10 years, has made a living playing music for over 40 years. He grew up on the west-coast of Scotland where music was an important part of life. Stephen toured with the group all over Europe and he met singer/songwriter Pernille while performing in Denmark.

The Quiggs tour regularly with great success in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands, and at home on Scottish soil.

“Pernille and Stephen Quigg are a duo who pack a real punch with their sparkling harmonies and no nonsense musicianship.” David Jones

Find them on X @Quiggsfolkduo and on Facebook

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For more 2024 festival highlights, click here