Welcome to The Girvan Arts Festival 2024!

Girvan is full of artists: musicians, poets, authors, playwrights, sculptors and visual artists. Girvan is also full of beauty: the natural scenery is sublime!

Dear all,

 It is wonderful to be able to welcome you to the third Girvan Arts Festival. 

 As patron, I was thrilled and honoured to take part last year, and to be asked to return in 2024, where I’ll be giving a masterclass in playwrighting at our very own McKechnie Institute.

Much of my work was inspired by my upbringing in Girvan, and it still is. It’s a place which produces writers, musicians, artists, designers, makers and enthusiastic, knowledgeable audiences. A festival which brings all of those strands together is a wonderful thing.

 My hometown is a special place for a visit any time, but with such a varied programme spread across the weekend, there’s no better time to take a trip down the beautiful Ayrshire coast and get a taste of that inspiration for yourself.

Douglas Maxwell, Playwright


Welcome to the 3rd year of the Girvan Arts Festival. This year, with very generous funding from the National Lottery, we have expanded our activities, including working with Girvan Academy in Art and Drama; providing transport to and from the festival for outlying rural areas, and holding a few one-off events during the year.  

The festival continues to give voice to talented and creative speakers, and to artists, whose work will be on show at the Wee School Arts Space.  

Come along to the Community Garden and immerse yourselves in a variety of fringe arts and crafts happenings, as well as buying those tickets for a wonderful programme of speakers!

Helen DW Humphries, Poet

Festival Director and Founder

Girvan Arts Festival Aims and Objectives

Our Aim is to promote accessible arts by holding a weekend of creative events each year. We believe that art encompasses everything creative from painting and drawing to woodwork, cooking and photography. It’s about access for the local community to the arts in their broadest sense through presentations and workshops.


Through the festival, we hope to encourage participation in the arts in Girvan and its surrounding areas, increase visitor numbers to the town, and promote creativity and personal well being for Girvan’s citizens.