Girvan Academy Pupils Photography Exhibition

@ Girvan Arts Festival 2024

As part of our collaboration with Girvan Academy, we were proud to be able to showcase a selection of photographs taken by the pupils of the Expressive Arts department during the year. 

They were displayed as part of the Festival Art Exhibition at the Wee School Art Space in Henrietta Street, just around the corner from the Girvan Community Gardens. The photographers and photograph numbers are listed below. We aim to have all the photographs displayed here soon. 

You can purchase A5 prints for £10 each, if you are in the UK. Just email us with your name, and what print you wish to purchase.

For technical reasons, not all photographs have been added. We hope to have the full complement of photographs online soon.

3 Alana F
5 Kirsten S
8 Demi B
12 Mia D
14 Rebecca M
15 Kelsey E
16 Carlie M
24 Sol M
25 Sol M
26 Sol M
27 Sol M
28 Sol M
29 Sol M
30 Sol M
31 Madison T
32 Madison T
33 Madison T
34 Madison T
35 Madison T
36 Madison T
37 Madison T
38 Katie R
39 Katie R
40 Katie R
41 Katie R
42 Katie R
43 Katie R
44 Katie R
45 Katie R
46 Lewis R
47 Lewis R
48 Lewis R
49 Lewis R
50 Lewis R
51 Lewis R
52 Lewis R