QR Code Art Trail Map

In Collaboration with Girvan Academy, The Girvan Arts Festival asked the pupils in the Expressive Arts department to come up with a number of locations in Girvan that could be inspirational to photographers, artists. writers and poets, or even sculptors, as seen through their eyes, which we would then mark with QR codes around the town, linking the places to to the photographs they shot as they compiled the list.

As the physical locations will only be marked for a limited time, this map is supplied to allow those wishing to check out the locations and the photographs to find them. Below are the links to the individual locations’ pages. Home will take you back to the QR Codes home page.

We’d be delighted if you’d send in any image you take, a word doc of any prose or poetry you write, or a photograph of any artwork you create. We’ll try and put a collage of any work received on the website before next year’s festival.