Jeff Zycinski: Bring Me the Head of Radio Scotland

Jeff Zycinski is the author of The Red Light Zone and Travels from my Twilight Zone, about his career before and after his time at the BBC including twelve years in charge of BBC Radio in Scotland, and his childhood, growing up in the east end of Glasgow as the seventh son of a Polish sailor who settled in Scotland after World War 2.
He’s most commonly asked – mainly by his wife Anne – What the heck goes on inside that head of yours? In this talk he tries to answer that question as he recalls his experiences in Hollywood, his brief stint as a stand-up comedian and how a  routine trip to the dentist ended with a shock diagnosis of mouth cancer, life-saving surgery and a decision to take up a new challenge, running a charity that helps elderly and disabled people get the most out of life.

You can find Jeff on X @JeffZycinski and on Facebook

Partnerships for Wellbeing

He spoke in the dome for around an hour. Here are some highlights:

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